Digital Productions - Video
Digital Productions - Digital still and video productions By Mark Bupp
Hi, Below are links to that shot and edited have shot.

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nunchaku slow mo
nunchaku shot in slow motion

A Halloween Advertisement for Tsunami Cables
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Tsunami Cables Halloween sale
Tsunami cables Halloween sale video

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Kilian Duarte 1

Split screen creation

Playing with the new split screen templates, can't wait to create my own!

Check out my new demo reel!

Green Screen Boxing video

I was in Texas These are the houses around the lake.

Board Break at a Black Belt Graduation

A quick walk through the Fullerton Art Walk
September 7, 2012

A interview with artist Paulin Paris at THE ART LOOK

Another interview With Paulin Paris

While recovering from hernia surgery I could not
participate in the MMA class. So I filmed Vince
and my wife Lisa getting their butts whipped by
Master Ferrer. So I had my 60D and did a
little filming. If you would like info on the class
drop me a line. 

Paamano Eskrima Black Belt Testing (fencing)

Black Belt Testing board breaks

An interview with young artist Ardashes (Dash) Najarian at the Fullerton Art Walk

Our Black Belt testing board breaks (this is where I broke my hand)

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