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This is the page were I post the latest goings on  with the Bupp family.Please click on the link under each photograph to see more!

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Lauren & Ryans Wedding slide show is finished!

6-19-2016 Papa's Child hood friend Vern Stopped by!

6-12-2016 Celebrating Deans 1st Birthday!

Click below to see more!

5-19-2016 PCRP Click on the link below the picture to see more!

5-16-2016 PCRP Click on the link below the picture to see more pictures!

4-17-2016 We where in Temecula and did some early morning balloon chasing!

4-16-2016 Went to Palomar Mountain State Park!

4-14-16 PCRP

Back out to PCRP before the rains!

4-4-16 PCRP again!

3-24-16 Peters Canyon again!

3-17-16 More Pics from Peters Canyon

3-14-16 Back to Peters Canyon after the rain!

3-10-16 Went to the lower basin of Peters Canyon, check what I saw.

3-3-16 Back to Peters Canyon Regional Park for a few hours!

2-23-16 I spent the day hiking and photographing Santiago Oaks Regional Park.

2-4-16 I went to Peters Canyon Regional Park in Irvine. Took a hike and got some photos!

01-07-2016 I went down to little Corona beach in Newport Beach in the rain.

12-24-2015, Christmas Eve

11-27-2015 We went to the Mission Inn in Riverside Ca. to see the lighting of the Inn.

7-19-2015 Randy came to visit.

7-13-2015 Molly's Birthday, we took the train down to Solana Beach. Had a great time!

 7-1-2015 Molly and I went to Eldorado Nature Center.

Jon Bruneau and his family stopped by while on vacation 6-29-2015.

May 24, 2015 A little family baby shower for Katy & Ryan.

March Birthdays, a little party.

3-25-2015 Lisa, Randy, Karen and I took Papa on a little outing today.

2-28-2015 Family outing to the Griffith Observatory with Lauren and Ryan. Beautiful clouds and weather! All had a Great time. to see more click here.

Christmas Eve and morning 2014

I went to the Bolsa Chica wetlands with a friend.

While Josh was here visiting we went to Palos Verdes and shot the coast line.

9-14-2014 We took Rebecca on a So Cal coastline tour.

9-29-2014 A trip to Science Center to see the Endeavor and Pompeii exhibit. 

9/5/2014 A trip to the nature center!

7/13/2014 Molly's 15th Birthday Family Party!

05/30/2014 - 06/04/2014 New York City, Lauren (Oldest daughter) and I flew out to see Elise, Josh and the  sites and attend Shannah's graduation from college. We went many places, so as I organize the photos I will post them.

The last post from NYC

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Green-Wood Cemetery

Shannah's Graduation

9/11 Memorial Museum

The Reflection Pools at ground zero.

See VIDEO at the link

Ellis Island

Liberty Island

A short video of the Statue of Liberty

Coney Island

Next the Brooklyn Bridge

First up, the Kings County Distillery. Kings County Distillery is New York City’s oldest operating whiskey distillery, the first since prohibition. They make handmade moonshine and bourbon out of the 115-year-old Paymaster Building in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. They produce Moonshine, Bourbon and Chocolate Whiskey. I have tried all and they are Excellent! Visit them at  

05/04/2014 We met Lauren & Ryan at the Huntington Library.

04/20/2014 We went to Big Bear for the weekend. More photos at the link.

4-14-2014 Blood moon, total eclipse of the moon. More photos at the link below.

3-9-2014 We had brunch with Ryan, Lauren & Ryan's parents in Manhattan Beach.

2-16-2014 Our neighbor grows beautiful orchids in his back yard and let me share the beauty with you.

2-12-2014 Beautiful day outside, had to grab the camera  hit the yard, different perspectives.

2-08-2014 Some photos of Jeff and Papa, and wickee too.

1-16-2014 Awesome California moon.

1-12-2014 Lisa and I took Papa on an outing, Signal Hill, then to station 18. Had a great time!

More photos at the link below.

12-24 & 25-2013 Christmas eve and Christmas.

11-30-2013 Annual Cookies at Grams.

11/28/2013 Thanksgiving dinner.

11/10/2013 Early morning dog walk at Eldorado Park, California's Fall, enjoy!

10/27/2013 Papa's Birthday Party

This past year I have been collecting photo's of the plants around the house. These are not your everyday plants, we make a point to find the strangest or most unique plants. I hope you enjoy them.

8-17 2013 Molly was invited to share her art by showing some at the In the Flow Studio art show. 
Follow the link.

7-22-2013 We went to the San Diego Zoo, enjoy more photos at the link.

direct link

7-19-2013 We went to see the space shuttle Endeavor at the California Science Center in L.A.. It brought back a lot of memories. I worked on the shuttle program for 14.5 years. link

This is me holding Josh at Endeavors Roll out  in 1992, this is 2013.

3/23/2013 I went to the Planes of Fame Air Museum located at 7000 Merrill Ave. in  Chino Ca. I had a Great time, so much history. Very interesting people, I even met a gentleman (Wilbur Richardson) who was a B-17 ball (belly) turret gunner. He flew 30 missions in 1944 and was wounded. The people are so friendly and knowledgeable. They are restoring the United States first jet fighter, the P-59. They are collecting funds to restore a B-17 to flight condition. I did not get to see it all so I will be going back! Here is the link to the photos I took this trip.

With Randy & Elvia in town we all took Papa down to see the USS Iowa in San Pedro.

The Girls came home from New York City for a Christmas Party

We Finally made it! Black Belts in Tae Kwon Do!

Christmas Eve 2012

Baking Christmas cookies at Grams

We went to Disney Land on 8-24-2012. The new Cars land Rocks.

 Some photo's from a swim day at the Hayes.

This is a link to some photo's of Molly's birthday.

July 22, 2012
Molly's sister Shannah drew this pastel of Molly while 
she was visiting from New York.

One More Belt!

June 23, 2012  We tested for Poom belt in Tae Kwon Do today, here is the link to Mollys board break!

On June 12th Molly received an award at school!


Jeff, Stacy & Family visit

Photographs of the Super Moon

Lunch at the Crab Pot in Long Beach to celebrate Mom, Leslie and Laurens Birthday!

Out of town visitors from Lisa's side of the family. Had a Great time!

Molly, Harry & I went to Universal Studios on her spring break. Below is the link to a few pictures and a video of King Kong 3D, enjoy.


King Kong 3D

Nature Walk with Shannah 2/7/2012

Christmas Eve and Morning 2011

Bupp Hayes and Marvin Christmas

Cookies at Grams

Thanksgiving 2011

Molly, 3rd Degree Red Belt, tae kwon do
Molly, 3rd Degree Red Belt, tae kwon do
Only 2 more belts till BLACK BELT!!
Only 2 more belts till BLACK BELT!!

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