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6-4-17 Sachi a friends new Akita puppy!

5-12-17 Bolsa Chica Wetlands

5-19-2016 PCRP. Click on the to see more!

5-16-2016 PCRP Click on the link below the picture!

4-28-2016 Peters Canyon!

4-17-2016 Was in Temecula and did some early morning balloon chasing!

4-16-2016 I went to Palomar Mountain State Park!

4-14-16 PCRP

4-7-16 Back out to PCRP before the rains!

4-4-16 Back out to PCRP again!

3-24-16 Peters Canyon again!

3-17-16 Peters Canyon.

3-14-16 Back to Peters Canyon after the rain!

3-10-16 I went to the basin of Peters Canyon, check it out!

2-23-16 I spent the day hiking and photographing Santiago Oaks Regional Park.

2-4-16 Took a hike at Peters Canyon!

I went down to Corona Beach in Newport Beach Thursday during the rain.


 8-22 2015 Paulin Paris, The Art Look. Tonight at 6:00 pm. 13703 Cordary Ave, Hawthorn, Ca.

8-7-2015 More Crack Pies L.A. videos!!!

7-1-2015 Molly and I went to Eldorado Nature Center.

Went to Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park, Take a look.

Here are some fossils and petrified whale and dolphin bones.

In Late April I had the privilege of photographing the My Kid Here is a link to some of the Kids in action.

Crack Pies L.A. at the MTV Movie Awards Celebrity Gifting Suite.
Laine Felipe and her Crack Pies L.A. at the MTV Awards Celebrity Gift Suit April 2015.

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